I started the #PrettyGirlsWork platform as a way to connect and learn from other women as I embarked on my own path to career and financial success, and it has been a blast!

This has been more than a networking project for me. I haven’t shaken anyone’s hand, I doubt I’ve handed out very many business cards, but I’ve made powerful connections and cultivated positive relationships with some incredible, ambitious, and accomplished #PrettyGirls in fields like philanthropy, finance, technology, retail, health and beauty, and so many more! I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and now it’s time to pay it forward right here with an online academy featuring a ton of free resources and self-study courses designed to help you become the bossest chick you know!

So dive right in!

Define your own version of success and learn how to work smarter towards that personalized and polished goal with clarity and consistency. Find the resources you need to grow both professionally and personally, and start living in your own fulfilled purpose!


… and really, so should you. Being a #PrettyGirl is, in part, understanding that no girl’s shine will ever dim your own, and surrounding yourself with a circle of bosses who learn together, grow together, and celebrate each other’s successes. So if you know a girl who’s as much of a boss (or aspiring boss!) as you are, don’t keep what you learn a secret. Please share! (Frenemies and mean girls are sooooo passé.)


Let’s get started, shall we?

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