Christmas & Cobblestones in Heidelberg

It’s days like this I realize what a blessing my work really is.

I had a couple of meetings with some brokers in Heidelberg, and it was my first time in what has to be the quaintest town I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting in Germany, with a castle as the backdrop no less! And I was fortunate enough that my visit coincided with the town’s annual Christmas Market.

I spent the day on the Hauptstrasse, Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street, and took in an inexhaustible selection of culinary delicacies while chatting with tourists from all over the world! The pastel coloured shopfronts and apartments were just magic, and I wondered whether or not the residents of this town even noticed that they were living in a real life fairy tale. It got me to thinking how many beautiful things I’m surrounded by in my every day life that I never really see. I’ll definitely be making a conscious effort to look at my surroundings with fresh eyes, and breathe in my own magic more often.
Manakish and mango juice at Sahara Heidelberg. #whatveganseat
Pastel coloured alleyways make even being lost a treat.
Shopfronts and apartments straight out of a fairy tale!
Ella the Elephant (aka my passport cover!) is always ready for an adventure!

My only regret: that I was only there for a day.

Oh, and that I didn’t think twice about wheeling my carry on behind me along those cobblestone streets. So awkward.

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