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According to my social media feeds, this is the day that everyone’s been waiting for since Monday morning. But why?

The obvious answers come to mind. It’s the last day of most work weeks, and the beginning of a weekend theoretically filled with wild nights and lazy mornings. (In reality, it’s probably more of a Netflix and sleep combo.) And then on Sunday night, it all comes to an end, because here comes … the dreaded Monday.

But are we tuned in to the fact that our weekends can actually have a pretty big impact on the Monday-Friday goals we set for ourselves? There are practices and habits that separate the success stories from the woulda shoulda couldas, and one of those habits is our mindset and approach to life both inside AND outside the office.

My challenge to you? This weekend, make it a #PRETTYGIRL Weekend! And fill it with activities designed to enhance your week, not run from it.

1. Wake up!

We have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce. She’s probably just not spending the first 11 of them wrapped up in a duvet dreaming of Shemar Moore and hitting the snooze button. It’s an important distinction worth noting. How ever many hours we spend in la la land is the number of hours we’ve just given our competition as a head start. It’s Saturday, sure. But every hour I spend in bed while my competition works is an hour I’ve conceded defeat.

Wake up. Read. Meditate. Network. Learn. GROW.

“Every hour I spend in bed while my competition works is an hour I’ve conceded defeat.”

tweet-this2. #gymlife

Ensuring that we’re taking care of ourselves physically (for both health and aesthetic purposes) is still important on the weekends! Even if you don’t make it to the gym, run the stairs or invest in a treadmill. Maintaining a healthy exercise regimen has been proven time and time again to promote higher levels of productivity in every aspect of our lives, including our business (and our bank accounts!)

 3. Feed your soul.

Engaging in activities designed to nurture our spirits has the exhilirating side effect of eliminating that burned out, hit the wall feeling that creeps up around 3:00pm on a Thursday. Whatever it is that allows you to breathe – whether it’s painting, meditating, a weekend away, a reiki session or Sunday morning service, take a moment to regroup and reflect on a deeper level than we’re usually afforded in the day to day madness.

4. Clean for Jesus.

Is this just an island girl thing? Making sure you’re house is “clean for Jesus” aka “Domestic Goddess Saturdays”? Well, whatever the reason, de-cluttering our homes and our workspaces can play a significant role in relieving anxiety and stress.

Clutter literally bombards us with excessive stimuli and causes our senses to go into overdrive on things that aren’t necessarily even important. It draws our attention away from what our focus should be on. Fortunately, it’s also a stress factor that we have complete control over. So put on some music, throw on some short shorts, and clean for Jesus!

5. Give back. Because karma.

In Thomas Corley’s book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, he discusses how the majority of wealthy people volunteer for 5+ hours a month. We can talk about how this practice relieves stress or keeps you grounded, but I’m a firm believer in karma, both good and bad. So if I just throw as much positive energy as I can into the universe, that just means more exists to come back to me, right? Besides, the experiences you encounter and the people you meet when you’re in service are invaluable, and more transferable to our daily experiences than we often realize.

Cultivate successful habits this #PrettyGirl weekend, and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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