The Value of “Pretty” in #PRETTYGIRLSWORK

Every time I introduce someone to the #PRETTYGIRLSWORK brand for the first time, I find myself inserting disclaimers and hoping they understand what I mean when I say “pretty”.

For a lot of women, especially in this consumerist generation where we’re constantly bombarded with images of what pretty should look like, the word itself can conjure up feelings of insecurity or inferiority. That insecurity can manifest itself in any number of ways, one of which I’ve learned to spot a mile away, and it usually sounds a little something like this.

Who cares about pretty?!

Pretty isn’t important, pretty isn’t valuable, pretty isn’t a talent, pretty doesn’t matter.

But a billion dollar fashion industry and an ever-growing community of beauty bloggers tells me this is tragically naïve. And wrong. Clearly, pretty matters. And it’s scary, I know, to think that as women, pushing to make strides in our careers and in our relationships, something like physical appearance can still play such a significant role in how we are defined.

But that’s the importance of the “pretty” in #PRETTYGIRLSWORK. It’s about recognizing that value and claiming that definition. It’s about defining ourselves on every level, from the depths of our spiritual gifts, to the peaks of our mental genius, and yes, even the shallowness of our physical appearance. When we acknowledge the value of “pretty”, we take control over how it’s used to define us and what message we want to send.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the pressure to keep up the appearance that goes along with that message can be a little bit much sometimes. (The panic and anxiety that ensues when I’m two days too late for a manicure is just plain embarrassing.) But regardless of what industry you’re in, you are your own brand. Every meeting, every greeting, every interview, you are presenting that brand to an audience. And it’s a great thing if that brand is a #PRETTYGIRL who can slay a presentation just as thoroughly as she can a bodycon midi dress.

“A #prettygirl who can slay a presentation just as thoroughly as she can a bodycon midi dress.”


So slay on, my boss chicks, my business barbies, my boardroom divas, and my corporate vixens. Slay on.

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