Glam & Go: 3 Makeup Tips to Get You Out the Door in Record Time

I try to make the most of my mornings. (Emphasis on the word “try”.) But with a workout regimen and a five year old who must be showered, fed, dressed, lunched, and dropped off at school before 8:30am, an early morning meeting can spell disaster for a #PRETTYGIRL who likes to be perfectly put together before stepping into the office. So when I’m caught trying to throw on some makeup while whipping up a post-workout shake and explaining to my son why he doesn’t NEED his Pokémon binder right this second, I always circle back to my top three handy makeup hacks for the business minded beauty who needs to get out the door ten minutes ago.

1. Be basic. Just for today.

A rushed morning is no time for a contour. Concealer, foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick. Stick to these five and you should be able to cut at least 36 steps from your favourite YouTube beauty blogger’s latest tutorial.

2. Scale back on the foundation.

Pictured here: Creme Minerals Foundation (Plain Jane Beauty), $36 USD

3. Mineral water face mist. I just changed your whole life.

A quick mist over your foundation can have you looking fresh-faced and hydrated in seconds. They sell these mists at some beauty stores I’ve been to, but I got my refillable bottle on a 16 hour flight to Asia, which affords me the added bonus of adding things to my mist based on where I am or what I’m doing. Is that a little aloe vera juice and a drop of peppermint essential oil you smell in my mineral water mist? It might be. It just might be.

So here’s to making it through every frantic morning without a laundry list of products to transform our looks and make a killer impression at every meeting.

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