Rise & Shine! How to Make Yourself a Morning Person in 6 Easy Steps

I am not a morning person. The hardest part of my day used to be getting out from under my duvet in the mornings. The early bird catches the worm, but I’m not a bird, and I don’t like worms, and my pillow feels like love personified.

Being able to motivate myself into getting out of bed and starting my day with enthusiasm was a learning curve for me. Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me to hit the ground running.

1. Optimize your alarm

There are two types of people in the world. I definitely used to be that second one. I would set my alarm for 30 minutes before I wanted to be up, like a mind game, really. I liked the feeling of waking up and then feeling like I get another 30 minutes of sleep – like a guilty pleasure or an everyday luxury. But delaying the process ended up leaving me feeling even more tired than if I’d just jumped out of bed at the right time.

I recently downloaded the Sleep Cycle app, and it has done wonders for optimizing the way my alarm wakes me up in the morning. The phase of sleep we’re in when our alarms go off make a huge difference in how tired we’ll feel when we do wake up. With this app, I place my phone under my pillow, and it analyzes my sleep based on my movements during the different phases, and then wakes me up when I’m in my lightest sleep phase. It even lets me track my sleep quality over time!

2. Tea Time!

If sleeping with your cell phone in bed isn’t your cup of tea, you can go the vintage route with – get this – an alarm clock that will make you an actual cup of tea!

This is on my birthday wish list this year, although I may just treat myself as soon as I’ve finished writing this article. The Teasmade is a tea maker and alarm clock all in one! It literally wakes you up and makes you a cup of tea in its own little ceramic tea pot and cover. Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly steeped peppermint tea! I’m sold.

Pictured here: White Retro Teasmade (Teasmade), £54.99

3. Morning Motivation

I’ve only recently started doing this, and it does make a difference in how I approach the entire day starting with those few critical moments before I’ve even opened my eyes. I have a mantra that I say to myself as soon as I hear my alarm go off: “Early mornings don’t scare moguls.” It really sets the tone for me and gets me revved to start my day with positivity, purpose, and intent.

“Early mornings don’t scare moguls.”



Leave your curtains open, and you get the benefit of rising with the sun in the most soothing and calming way. I’m lucky enough to have a glass walkout from my bedroom that faces the sunrise, so waking up to actual daylight is so serene some mornings.

5. Get Moving!

When I actually make it out of bed, there’s a moment in between la la land and beast mode when the voices in my head try to convince me that I can afford a few more minutes of sleep. The easiest way for me to combat this self-sabotage is to get moving, immediately. I do this by throwing on some music right off the bat. There’s nothing like dancing your way to a workout to get your blood flowing and your body moving. Just make sure it’s a pre-made playlist with that goal in mind. The last thing you’ll need is a slow jam messing with your head space!

6. Bribe Yourself

Of course, one of the biggest motivating factors in not being able to get out of bed is a late night spent partying/instastalking/in my case, probably Netflixing. So I’ve found a way to use that distraction as a double edged sword. I put way the Netflix with the promise to myself that if I get out of bed in time, I might be able to sneak in an episode of my fave show while I get breakfast/lunch ready for the day. A little reality TV in the morning never hurt anybody!

I’m still not a morning person, but I’m getting there!

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