We’re Crushing on @officialcorporatechic

My Instagram home feed has become an almost indiscernible reel of artsy food shots and gorgeous girls with detox tea promo codes (and I love it!). But every once in a while, an account just jumps out at me and manages to grab my attention for more than the time it takes to scroll through to the next photo. For the last few months, that account has been @officialcorporatechic.

Mimi, the face behind the account, is a photoshoot stylist/vintage fashion influencer and the owner of MeYe Label, a vintage shop that boasts “edgy yet sophisticated styles on a budget”. She’s reminiscent of a 70s fashion icon and modern day powerhouse all rolled into one coily-crowned, sun kissed melanin package, and we are here for all of the magic she’s bringing to the ‘gram!

In her own words:

“I created MeYe Label to inspire women that personal style is about YOU while adding pieces to items you currently possess in your close or to new clothing items while accomplishing it on a budget.”

We love it! And we’re sharing some of our favourite Instagram styles from Mimi’s instagram account. Please sit back, and enjoy the slayage.

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