4 Easy Ways to Stop Hating Mondays

Trust me, I know the feeling. Your alarm goes off and you’re wondering, where did the weekend go? You had so many plans, it was going to be so amazing, so revitalizing, so rejuvenating, but plans got lost somewhere between laundry day and grocery shopping and all of a sudden you’re grabbing a banana and rushing out the door with one stiletto on and what you hope is a “messy but chic” high bun. Ugh.

Here’s the thing. A few years ago, I committed to making sure that no matter how frantic or how rushed, I wouldn’t be a chronic sufferer of the Monday morning blahs. I wanted to love my Mondays, I wanted to be energized by them, and step one in that process was re-conditioning myself to not dread them. These days, Mondays are probably my favourite day of the week, and today I’m sharing the little steps I took to make that possible.

1. Ease into your Mondays.

Extending your weekend, even if it’s just by 30 minutes, makes such a huge difference in your mental game come Monday mornings. Even if you have to wake up a little earlier to get it done, make it a priority to start your Monday right! Resist the urge to immediately pick up your cell phone and check your emails or messages as soon as the alarm hits. Get out of bed, turn on some music, and sing along to it in a shower that’s just 10 minutes longer than usual.

2. Have breakfast. For real. That granola bar doesn’t count.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. And with the physical health benefits it carries, taking that moment on a Monday morning can have a real impact on your mental and emotional health as well. Read the paper or an article in a magazine while you eat. Take your time, and when you’re all done, walk out the door – don’t run, walk.

(Side note, for all you working mamas, steps 1 & 2 sound impossible with kids, I know. But get into a routine with this, and wait for the morning when they’re laughing and singing along to your morning music flow at the breakfast table instead of blinking at the TV screen in their underwear with one sock on. Totally worth it!)

3. Get in the habit of a regular Monday mid-day treat.

Whether it’s a lunchtime yoga sesh, cozying up with your latest read at a coffee shop near the office, or a dedicated bestie lunch date, give yourself something to look forward to every Monday, and make it non-negotiable. Put it in your calendar, make it a priority. Your sanity is a priority!

4. Save the monotony for later in the day.

If emails and spreadsheets make you want to walk into traffic, try to get away with saving that for after lunch. Pick the thing about your work that you love doing the most, and save that for Monday mornings instead.

BONUS! Schedule some Sunday prep time.

Try laying out your Monday outfit on Sunday night, or writing a to-do list for your Mondays. Spend some time on Sunday prepping for a kick ass Monday, and that little bit of preparation can make a world of a difference.

Happy Monday!

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