4 Tips on Planning for a Successful Week

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that can come with a week of looming events + deadlines. In my experience, the way to keep on top of the seemingly never ending list of tasks is simple: keep organized. There is no other way, no shortcuts, and no secrets. Taking the time out to plan for a successful week guarantees you’ll have just that, executing a pre-determined strategy to complete your most important tasks + prioritizing your days.

For me, Sunday evening is the logical time to sit + plan out your week. I’m sharing my tips + personal process here!

 1. Set the tone.

Whatever it is that puts you in a clear + focused head space is what you’ll need to set the tone. For me, it’s the right music, aromatherapy candles + fluffy pillows on the ground for meditating + writing. For you, it might be complete silence + a seat at the kitchen table with snacks + a beverage. Whatever it is, establish a consistent tone that puts you in planning mode for your weekly planning process.

2. Write down everything.

My closest friends know, if it didn’t go into my calendar or my planner, it’s not going to happen. Even if I’m really excited to have coffee with you this Thursday at 4pm. I just won’t show up (but I’ll be so sorry afterwards!) Write down every task, and every appointment, no matter how small you think they are or how sure you are you’ll remember it. From client meetings to cocktails with the girls, make sure you know everything that is expected of you this week so that you can gauge and preempt the strikeout of any unnecessary items on your agenda.

3. Stay on top of your planner/calendar.

Whether it’s the calendar on your iPhone or an old school leather yearly planner, keep on top of your planner/calendar following the same rule you saw in number 2 on this list. No appointment is too small to leave off your calendar, and making sure everything you’re doing for the week is laid out in a manner that can be reviewed and revised is going to be so important in ensuring you have a smooth week.

4. Check your plan in the morning, every morning.

It’s all well and good to plan, but execution is key, so going through your plan in the morning should now go hand in hand with reading the morning paper. (Do people still do that?)

Google Calendar sends me an email notification every morning with my tasks for the day, which is really convenient, but there are plenty of other options for this too. Figure out what works best for you to execute your well thought out plan!


What’s your ideal planning space? And how do you plan for a kick ass week?

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