Because I’m Awesome (Why Modesty Has No Place in Business)

I work with and am surrounded by a lot of women. A LOT of women. Strong, motivating, experienced powerhouses who I learn from every single day. I am consistently blown away by their remarkable accomplishments and their admirable work ethics, often balancing their business success with the leadership roles they also play within their family relationships.

What I don’t see though is the bravado visible in the majority of their male counterparts that I come across. It’s strange to say, but I don’t find a lot of these women tooting their own horn. It’s almost as if the idea of boastfulness or bragging has many of us disowning our power and our successes.

I attended a business recognition luncheon on the west coast earlier this month, and the printed program had brief blurbs underneath the photo and name of each of the award recipients. I made a few key observations.

Firstly, these were all high-profile business people with roughly the same levels of success in their respective fields. But in the few short sentences that each finalist had to speak to their ownership in their business success, the men tended to attribute their successes to sheer drive, talent, and passion, while the women were quick to point out teammates, colleagues, mentors, and support systems. Admirable responses, and no doubt very true, but I wonder why the persistent need to take the focus off of us and onto the people around us? What’s wrong with saying I’m winning this award because I’ve worked my butt off to stand here today and to show every woman watching that we can? I’m winning this award because I refused to give up, even when the going got tough, and even when people were giving up on me? Where’s our strength, where’s our power, where’s our pride?

It’s a little late in the year for a resolution, so I’m proposing a brand new #PrettyGirl mantra: “Because I’m awesome!” Practice with me …

So why do I think I’d be a great fit for this position? BECAUSE I’M AWESOME.

Why am I deserving of this promotion and raise? BECAUSE I’M AWESOME.

What makes me think I’ll be able to handle this daunting new venture? Easy. BECAUSE I’M AWESOME.

I love my team. I’m grateful for my mentors, and for the support system of incredible people I have around me who continuously motivate me to move forward, push harder, and aim higher. I have coaches in almost every aspect of my life that teach me daily. But my success is going to be because there’s something inside of me that has convinced me that anything falling short of the best is unacceptable. I read Muhammad Ali quotes and nod my head in complete understanding, and I honestly, wholeheartedly feel that I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to. It’s a mentality I’m proud of and that I make no apologies for.

Probably on account of my awesomeness. Just saying.

In this comment section, all I want to read about is why YOU’RE awesome!

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